A conversation about electronic devices and human consciousness

The connection time that we humans are engaged with computers and cell phones, is this enhancing learning and consciousness expanding? I use a computer for work and a limited amount of time in my volunteer work, but I’m realizing it is not a preference of communication for me personally. Would human connection improve if we spoke face to face instead of the electronic medium?

In your physical domain anything can be used in a positive or a negative way.  Anything, whether it be a means of energy that is generated using communication, or if it is simple as information itself, can be positive or negative. You see, in your world you must have both poles to be, to find the balance. There must be both sides of everything. So worry not of those that use these things to the extent that they do not grow. Does it expand the mind? Does it expand the consciousness of the being? Consciousness is. It cannot expand any more than it is.  Whether you tap into it or not is entirely up to the individual, where they be in their rate of growth. One need never touch a computer to be fully conscious in the understanding of spirit. The North American concept of evolution right now is a very scientific structured, hard-drive place.  In the understanding of many other parts of your sphere consciousness plays a much more important role. It is part of each being and taught in many different ways. Not only through religious understandings but also in the very concept of being–being on the earth, being fed and supported by it. This consciousness is not taught in your North American understanding. So do not worry. All beings are placed where they need to be for their growth and will find what they need. Or choose to look the other way and find nothing and return again and again in a cycle of repetition until eventually it clicks.

Every organization, group, culture, community has set boards and decided that this is good and this is bad, when both are necessary to be. So fight not against the fast-moving pace of these things. Chose what is right for you and let the others pass.  It is true that face-to-face is a true way of knowing another entity. If you have an entire group of new souls they will create a new way of learning, a new history. The old will not fit.  You have heard of this over and over again.  And this that you see as a negative will have negative and positive growth to it. But it will be their means in which they work.

You have heard the story of losing the small toe on the foot? Well there is loss to the evolution of man. And you’ll see it not too distant from now.  But that is exactly how it is to be.  It is like the question: did you walk with dinosaurs? You will have a time when you ask: did we have five toes? Did we actually use a voice to speak or did we have energy-generated voice? When mankind first presented in this physical domain, when they first reached the realization that they had vocal cords, they sang. They sang songs and the songs turned to communication, the communication turned to language, language to words. Be not afraid of the steps this world takes. Each is important in the time in which you be present. Be present in your day.  Worry not of that that will be but of what you be.  Bless you my child for asking.

Someone is trying to make robots that speak for themselves.  Why would that be something that people would want to work towards.

Well, the belief is that if you could create a creature that you would thus have a voice.  It didn’t work a long time ago and it won’t work now.  It cannot be created a machine to have thinking concepts as in the consciousness of man. For no other creature in your physical world has the same consciousness.  In time you will see clones created that will be parrots. They will parrot that that is almost identical, but they will not be able to think forward. They can only think of that that is.

Sounds scary.

It isn’t scary.  What will be found is that mankind will chase faster and faster and faster, until they have to be still. And then consciousness will fill their beings. And they will realize that they are never separate from this energy—Mother Energy, God, Tao, whatever you wish to call it, Heaven. You are but a small part–working, growing, stretching, changing, moving, but a breath a way from me. I no longer stretch that way. I seek to help you. And there are those that seek to help me. I have one vision, and it’s more in your world than it is in the vision forward that I shall yet see and be one with.

Be not afraid of change, newness. You are going to see other beings come to your world. And you will instantly recognize them for they will have the similar energy. No, not their form, not their voice, but they will be powered by the same energy that powers you and us.  To that we all reach to be one with again. I do not understand the whole concept of God. It moves, it is a he, it is a she; it is good, never evil.  This sometimes must create chaos, which might be seen in your world as negative or bad—in the form of a robot. A slave of any form is never acceptable in the understanding of God.

Did I understand you that there will be beings coming to earth?

They have already.

Really. But are they known?

They are known in the now, in the time in which they are present. Your linear time is quite different from theirs. They have been present. Why would they not? They have been drawn to the light that is quite brilliant.  They are part of the dimensions that you are part of. You see it in the linear, solid form, the planet. It is dimensions, vibrations, that are all present. Some will learn how to break through that dimension and be present in your world.  Fear it not.

Sounds like amazing times.

The creation of the physical world is amazing, miraculous, wondrous. You have at your very fingertips the power of God, to do and be what you need.  You will know in time what it is all about. Be in peace.





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  1. Scooterish March 7, 2013 at 12:23 pm - Reply

    Hi Joanna, regarding “Some will learn how to break through that dimension and be present in your world. Fear it not.”, what kind of beings does this guide speak of? What do you think? Makes me think of invisible aliens, but friendly, of course.

  2. Joanna March 7, 2013 at 9:38 pm - Reply

    Hi Scooterish,
    I have a similar sense to what you describe. Fascinating, eh?

  3. Scooterish March 8, 2013 at 1:24 pm - Reply

    Yes! Imagine meeting one of these beings. That would be something!

  4. KBC March 9, 2013 at 8:18 am - Reply

    WELLNESS in the Digital Age

    The digital pulsed waves of wireless radiation does not affect the body like the sun – we have lived happily with the earth’s strong forces for millennia, but this artificial radiation is presenting previously unknown health challenges.

    As we know there guides with levels of insight, and we have our own knowledge and experience here in this material plane that we need to sensitive to. There is evidence that people can be harmed by cell phone radiation, WiFi and the strong microwaves from digital cordless phones, baby monitors and microwave ovens. Hybrid cars can also affect us.

    There is no evidence that having a positive belief that you are not being harmed prevents damage to DNA and other adverse effects. It can make us more resistant and less fearful which is helpful.

    People do report feeling some energetic benefits from chips, pendants etc. but they are not be protecting themselves from all physical effects.

    On one of the posts someone suggested Bluetooth as a way to reduce cell phone radiation exposure – may I add that this is not recommended by the experts with whom I work. Best to limit use and use the speaker phone – never hold a mobile device against the head, or near a pregnant woman or child.

    We are sensitive, electrical beings as you know, and it seems more important than ever to stay grounded in nature – not grounding pads – but walking barefoot in the moist grass, the wet sand at the beach whenever we can.

  5. Jane March 9, 2013 at 10:18 am - Reply

    I completely agree. We are energy and some forms of energy can disrupt ours. I find many of these devices bother me. Thanks for your loving message.

  6. Funtastick March 10, 2013 at 1:27 am - Reply

    The only way that the healing can begin between me and my brother is that he sincerely apologizes for all of the hurt that he has caused me and then he does not treat me that way anymore. I don’t believe that he and I getting counseling together will improve anything. I don’t even have the emotional energy and desire to do that. I have gone out of my way and even showed love to him when most others would turn their back on him if he had treated them the way that he treated me. I’m tired of this. I have tried and tried. It hurts because I have depended on him for certain things and I will not get the opportunity to spend time with my nieces anymore.

    He and my mom did not tell me that he gave my dad a headstone. This is something that I should have been told. When I questioned my brother about it, he blew it off. He chooses to punish me by saying hurtful things when I do not do something that he thinks I should have done. He will blatantly be cruel to me and when I call him on it, he will sometimes smile in my face like he gets pleasure from treating me that way.

    I have stopped flying out to see his family because of the way he treats me and makes me feel so uncomfortable. Like when I ate the last pork chop, they complained about it, and then I will felt uncomfortable for the rest of my visit. I believe that so much has been kept from me knowing even though it would have been good for me to know it. I have remained respectful of his feelings and not mistreated him, but that has made no difference. When I tell him how I feel about how he treats me, he quickly and insincerely apologizes just to try to stop me from talking about it.

    His cruelty has brought me to tears. I still have not fully gotten over when I embraced him and he used that opportunity to hurt me physically by squeezing me so hard that my shoulders hurt so badly and my eyes were brought to tears. I used to be able to speak to others about him in a proud way. That ended over 25 years ago. I needed to talk about this hoping that you could help ease my pain.

    You commented on my cats earlier. I had hoped that they would end up in another loving environment. You commented on some steps I think I missed but am not consciously aware of. Please tell me what those steps are.

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