Anonymous – I have been called to go to live in a Eco Villager Spiritual community in Europe.  I had this great desire to go and be there, and I felt I should have been there 2 years ago, however finances have got in the way.  I was planning the fall of 2011, it did not happen.  I am planning sometime in 2o12, before winter. Do you think you can get an inside as to what is going on?   

You will find many of these communities in your physical world.  For there are many that want to come together for an understanding in one truth.  They’ll often find when they enter into these communities, ancient or new, that they’ll find that even in the strongest one-way thinking communities, you’re all separate individuals. And must seek your own truth in the manner and way that best fits your being.

You’ll find many hurdles and roadblocks, but you can seek to go to one of these situations.  Be wary of any that have a great cost for there should not be such things for them.  Be wary of any one being stating that it should be only one way of thinking.  For each individual must find their own truth.  But you can find magic in some of them.

You seek the comfort of like-minded beings.  You seek to find a partner that speaks your language.  In order to do this you must share who you be with others.  Not necessarily in only one community, but simply traveling out in your days, going to your places where you seek food and communion.  Be not so quiet; share your beautiful view and thoughts and voice.  Be not afraid that you must go to some place to hide in order to be free, my child. You are a blessed being, a brilliant light.  Your physical world will do well to hear your voice.

The physical world contains words—one of the greatest difficulties that an assistant spirit (or guide as you call them) has.  Know that our purpose is to help you to make the choices and to bring the promises forth.  And some times it is very difficult although I don’t complain.