She can offer many things but he must be the one to choose


 Mike writes:

My mother asked me to submit a question about my dad.He has been struggling with intermittent shortness of breath the past few weeks- and he generally seems to be deteriorating a bit as a result. He is in the process of undergoing tests for both heart and lung functions but has not been too receptive to going to EMERG when having difficulties. Do the guides have any sense of what is going on and how to best help him?

The guide’s response:

The entities or guides that surround this one know very well what he is doing. He is stubborn, he is fearful. He wants for there not to be any fuss about him.  There is some congestion, some failure of the heart muscle, some fluid in the lungs causing some exhaustion. It’s important to eat a beautiful healthy diet with very little meat but a lot of vegetable and broth.

Ubiquinol is a very good thing; it strengthens the mitochondria, the very cells of the heart muscle. It is a substance that is very good at developing amino acids in the body. It’s something he can surely find. Your world calls it Q-10. It’s one and the same.

He needs to get exercise but not to worry too much about it. He needs to move and be happy. And if he chooses not to have too many tests, then so be it.  He is the one that knows what his body is doing. He is the one who will choose—its strength and its weakness.

It is hard for her to understand this for she has been very much taking care of this one for a long time. And her fear is not helping anything. Tell her to trust that he knows what is right for himself—and that he has a choice.

She can offer many things but he must be the one to choose it out of free will. That’s the only way it will actually help him. If he chooses out of worry for her or for others, it might help them, but not him. And tell her just simply to be. For she is a very wondrous being.

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