Addressing pain and fatigue in the arms


BL is asking about the pain in her arms. She is so fatigued and it hurts to move her arms. She doesn’t understand why it happened or how she can rid herself of the pain. She is wondering about diet or energy work or massage. She doesn’t know if it’s a muscle or a joint or a bone issue. She is wondering if sleep or lack of it is a problem.  She would be grateful for anything that you can recommend or help her with.  

Well, there is a narrowing  in the bones of the neck that she needs to address.  This will help a great deal.   As well as the tissues of the cords on either side of the spine of the neck. The nerve that goes through this part, through this spine, the attachments are very much irritated and  is swollen. That is the sheath that surrounds the nerves is very swollen and irritated.

Your science now would call it a fibromyalgia type of ailment.  I am not calling it that.   I am saying it is an inflammation, but mostly it is caused by this narrowing in the spine.   So, it is very important to develop the muscles in the spine, in the shoulders and the neck as that will help support it.

Rest is ultimately very important for my darling.  She needs to get deep rest and that is almost impossible because she doesn’t have great support for her neck.  It is best that she use a cervical support while sleeping.   Try to get as much sleep as possible.   Things that can help for my dearest one, of course would be to stop worrying but that is almost impossible.

So, I would say that she should take magnesium and calcium and soothing things.   She should not irritate it so much so whatever she should do should be calm and soothing such as lovely warm baths with some nice magnesium salts in there would be very soothing for her.  She should drink lots of water and relax and laugh.  Touch must be very gentle around the neck and upper arm.

(Chuckling)  I know she does some crazy exercising and I never could understand that thing.  She should try to get exercise in the most subtle calm way.  Running increases the circulation in the blood flow to these parts which is partly restricted because of this small area in which these blood vessels and nerves are passing through the spine.  So, circulation helps…but really it is only hindering right now.   It would be very much better for her to have soothing things such as lovely soft comforting comforting cushions to lie on.  She doesn’t have to prove anything to anybody.  Tell her that she could just relax and enjoy many things, many things.

The narrowing was caused by something?

No, no.  If she truly looks she will see that there have been arthritic neck in many of her ancestors.  Sometimes those things happen.  It can calm down and be fine.  She needs to relax and get her nerves under control, soothing.

Do not take anti-inflammatories as there are much more soothing ways to reduce inflammation in the body then these drugs that really cause irritation in the internal parts.  Really wonderful distilled water, greens is very good and sprouted seeds.  And the best thing for anti-inflammatory is laughter.

And heavens, no, do not get up before. 7am.    If my girl should get some sleep she should stay in bed.  She should not worry about rules and regulations.  Unfortunately, my girl is very uncomfortable.  When she feels like rising she should.  So, if she falls into a deep sleep do not set a clock to wake up.  Not everyone needs to be bouncing out of bed and achieving miraculous things all of the time.  Some people just need to lie in bed and sleep.  I have enjoyed this.

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