Viruses and growth in the physical world

imgresWe were talking about viruses earlier and we were wondering if they’re getting stronger, if they are starting to take control. We had a theory that they might be from outer space. Can you talk about that?

You are from outer space. You are in outer space. You are all of space and in the midst of it.   (laughter)

You want to know if they were meant to be or if they were an accident.  Did they just happen upon this plane?  There had to be an element of chance in your world:  thus viruses.  They do not respond to the methods of this world. They are not of the same cell structure of this world. They are not circles within circles (as I heard you speaking about).

What do they do? They create growth; believe it or not. They cause destruction of some things and the birth of other things. And there will be a time when you will super-power them and use them. There are so many things at the very fingertips of growth now in your world.

As you know, you are at the edge, the precipice of great growth.  And you are all afraid it’s going to be lost in the abyss by these new souls who are plundering their way through, and not taking anything seriously and missing, and not reading and not taking advantage of….   Don’t be so sure. They have their own path. And hopefully if everything goes well in the passing of the next, oh, about fifteen years… quite well.

Your medical system is going to do a complete circle. It is going to go back to its beginnings but it is going to bring with it a new approach. You’re going to use powerful different ways to cure different things. So of course you’re going to have something new to come up with, to challenge.  It’s like, oh how can I explain this? Like the head is too big for the body so the little disease was created to cure, then “whump”…it’s going to fall over and crash because this disease is cured. So now what do we do? You’re going to have to come up with something else.

There always will be something.

Yes, circles within circles. Back again you’ll come. But this time you’ll be a little different, you’ll be a little wiser.  Just like you in your lifetimes. Each time you come through you’re a little bit different, a little bit wiser. In some areas maybe a little bit dumber. But most of the time pretty good.

Yes, maybe some of us have to go around a few times.

Yes, you have to go around that merry-go-round a few times. A few times just to take in the view, a few times just for a good laugh. And then you get serious about it and you think: Ah, I don’t want to be on this merry-go-round every time so let’s do some work. You wise up eventually. Yes. I think it is most magnificent. Most magnificent.

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