Concern with iron levels in the body

Salad1Lorraine Mary – Hi , I am thankful already and grateful to ask here . I am having Health issues with my Iron levels going 5 and under and my red blood cell counts going down also , even after six treatments of Intravenous Iron in hospital five weeks without and I have dropped to where I was before treatment began . Please any guidance

Blessed one, where do you begin?  I suppose the best place is at the beginning.  For one does not find one’s self in this physical state quickly.

You have to examine your life’s path.  How to care for your being?  It isn’t just about finding out about some numbers.  It is about loving yourself, nourishing yourself, nurturing the ground and being part of your world. Blessed one, many times you have tried on attitudes and understandings, but you’ve never felt truly who you are.

When a body refuses to  hold on to iron, which is one of the elements of a physical being, it means that one is not grounded, adrift, not feeling part of.  Examine that part of your path, blessed one.  You must also begin your nourishment of all things, the variety, colours, freshly grown.  Your society believes iron comes from the organs, but in truth, seaweed and kale, very deep green nourish.

It cannot nourish if you don’t have the enzymes in your stomach and the acids to digest it. So, before you begin fruit will awaken the enzymes and encourage them to grow. The enzymes that are good for this are papaya, mango and pineapple about a half an hour before your meal.

Never drink anything too hot or too cold. You must start to feed your body like a new born babe just entering the world.  You need to find what is grounding, what is nourishing. Make sure you do not shock your system in any way for it will retreat from nourishing it.

You weren’t comfortable with the treatments in the hospital yet you wanted a quick fix, it is true.  That is not your way. There is some hereditary difficulty but mostly you just need to begin again and be patient for you did not create this quickly.

There are many energies in your world that would help.  You could, in fact, search one of these as this is part of the process of attaining help for yourself to the many different ways.  Perhaps not just by the medical field, the naturopath, there are many intrinsic beings that just have a knowing. There are many healers and find those you feel comfortable with and speak of your whole being, your heart, your soul, your body.  And do not worry for worry starts in the body.  Bless you my child.

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