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Annonymous 2 – I have had an annoying and sometimes painful condition in my fingers and skin for years now in that my skin there regularly splits open into deep cut-like cracks. Is this basically related to my low fat diet-which I have been on to reduce headaches-and if so how do I best bring the right oils back into my body? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Blessed, blessed being, you are a high energy being.  That means your spirit vibrates at a very high rate. When this occurs it is often hard on this body it is created to hold it and thus, the greatest part of this container, is the skin.  It reflects the inner tensions and the high heat of your body.  To cool down this body you must take fresh fruits, light oils, healing oils.  You should drink aloe vera juice, it is very healing.  You can apply it to the skin as well.

You can combine this juice with other fresh liquids of fresh fruit, nothing that has been preserved or has chemicals within. Because your guts and your liver they are toiling quite differently right now and they need to rested, relaxed and rejoicing.  Milk thistle is good for the liver.  The oils of the freshest of olives, the oils of the freshest of the coconut, the oils of the freshest of the nuts are good for your body.  When I say freshest I believe in your world they are called cold pressed, or first pressing, or virgin oils. Oh, blessed one, you need to massage the oil on the outside of your body.  Sesame oil is good for this, it helps the joints, release the tension. It is about coming together of energy and physical substance in your body, that your gut has difficulty with.  I think your world would call it a leaky gut.  I would call it a tense one, one that needs to find calm. The liver expresses tension faster than any other organ in the body for it has to filter through all of the toxins, all of the stresses.  You see toxins show up in energy form, not only in the physical heavy weight of energy, but the spirit energy.  Rest my child. Laugh, walk, float in water that are high in minerals, salted in other words.  Anoint the body with the most beautiful of perfumed oils, essences that heal.  And understand that a part of you created these cracks for attention, to be seen.  So pay attention to your body. Give it the love that you deserve. Play your music for yourself and seek the love  that you  be and are so willing to share with others.  Bless you my child for you are loved.

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