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I Wonder – Dear Ladies & Guides  In just a few hours it will be a New Year, and I pray that 2012 will bring me inner peace, joy and positivity.

Please can you tell me will I find a way to worry less in future……Specifically I ask about my Son, am I doing all I can to help him grow and be happy? I wonder does he get enough time, and is he affected by my worrying nature & loneliness! Do I need to intervene at school and will he find confidence to deal with other children if they are mean. Should I work more to earn extra money (and gain independence), or is it more important to have the time at home with my son?

Also can I ask what city/country do I need to travel to in order to find romance and love, as there is definitely no-one locally  ….Will there be any romantic interest for me in 2012?

Guide’s response:

I will say to this blessed one who worries a great deal that this is part of your persona.  You actually in your worrying create a great deal of wonder.  I will not say to you that you should not worry, I will say to you to try to limit it to certain times and turn it into a meditation instead of a feeling of not moving forward.  Turn it into an opportunity to be open to receive understanding. You have a beautiful child that is growing in radiance.  Teach this child to be strong, radiant by being it yourself. Teach your child how to solve problems by talking to him about your problems you solve.  No, not burdening him with the adult life that you live, but by saying that there are certain situations where I might feel uncomfortable and this is what I do.  I look at people and I smile and I open to them and allow them to be who they are and knowing that I am who I am.  I do not need to be changed or be different in any way to be accepted by anyone else.  I am who I am.  You worry about this child scholastically, yet you needn’t.  You know this one is very, very intellectual.

She is asking about the romance?

 Of course.  Of course you are asking about romance but you have to find space for the romance.  You have not allowed yourself to be open to it.    You found a few and found that they were not right for you and so you closed down quite quickly.  You are a romantic being but you worry that you are not good enough to be who you are in your life. Turn that into a great meditation of light and protection and you shall attract that being to you.  Trust in your own entities, the guides that are there with you. They will always speaking loving, supportive information.

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