Greetings Guides and Helpers.  Thank you for your much needed and appreciated work.  Will you please explain what is going on with the Occupy Wall St. movement and its spreading to different places?  What is the best strategy going forward for this movement to help bring about the social, environmental, and political justice that is being sought?  Thank You.

What a wonderful being this is to ask, to seek, to understand all that is occurring. And it is exactly as it should be.  Beings are stepping forward and there are many that have different views right now and that will lose some of the effect.  But the truth that these beings are frustrated with that that is and their voices are not being heard, so they are doing the greatest thing by standing and saying and being seen, stepping forward, being present, saying their truth.  This is exactly what you have been told to do many, many times and it is having an effect.  They are being heard.

There are places in your physical world where they will be attacked, there are places where they will be harmed and beaten but they are being heard and that is the ultimate goal, to make change, to be and it is happening.  So, you are present.  You have come forward in this time of the overturn of souls. Do not just witness it.  But the witnessing is the creative part that allows you to step forward.  If you didn’t see it, you would not know how to be or speak your truth. Those that gather, gather because that is their level of frustration.  But you can also act upon it by speaking your truth in whatever place you be. The ancient ones are coming forward. Oh, yes you are going to have a few in amongst there simply drawn just by the energy and light.  Allow them to be and love them in their place.  But know that the truth of the greater number, and this is one time when you might say well, you tell us that we should not be on mass, but each being is bringing their own voice of truth to this mass.  So, in this mass there are separate beings each with their own truth they speak and this is right.