RichLovingJoy writes:

Dear Guides,
I know a physical move is the next step in finally putting a close on this 8 year chapter of my life that has been greatly challenging, yet filled with tremendous growth for my being.
That being said, I have no idea where to look and/or how I’ll ever afford to move once I find it. Any guidance you can offer at this time would be greatly appreciated. Much thanks in advance.

The guide responds:

Firstly, I want to say to you that you are doing wonderfully well.  This has been a difficult time for you.  So don’t hurry forward into any relationship.  Do not push past that sense that took you this long to develop, to open, to have the presence in spirit, in body to know what is right for you.  Know that you can no longer tolerate or go backwards as you might think to such a situation again.  And so, take time, love, pamper yourself, love yourself as you would nurture a child.  Not to eat baby food, but things that nourish you, that strengthen you that would allow you to digest with ease, for even that part of you has been strained. Take time to see dentists and doctors and align yourself with support systems and just listen for the information is all around you but you must choose what is right for you, in time, no hurry.  And I will say again you do wonderfully.  Love yourself my child.  Take this time to do so.