How do we deal with the constant bombardment of negative news?

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In your day-to-day, when you hear and are bombarded by information, and you hear it over and over again, it’s because you are open to drawing it towards you. Send it the other way. When you begin your day, open yourself to sending love out to your world. You do this very well. You just [...]

How do you deal with someone who is being really negative?

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Always when you are seeing or are in the presence of one who is in discord with you, actually physically open your heart to them. Force the energy toward them, surround them in love. Be one with them. Be one with every situation that you be in. I don’t mean that you be one with [...]

A mother has the strength to show the footsteps to walk in

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Please tell me is my son happy and getting all his needs met? Is there anything I need to do to support him in his growth? I love him more than life itself and he gives me strength and purpose. I know, my dear, I know. I’m trying to understand why you are asking this, [...]

Missing a mother who has passed on

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Lianne lost her mother some years ago and she still feels her very close. She had a dream that she was driving with her mother and wonders if this was a message. Her mother is helping her, guiding her, directing her. The dream was the creation of Lianne’s need. The bond with the mother shall [...]

Abuse of drugs, judgement, and states of “no growth”

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Now I have a question about drugs. There are many people in this city and cities all over the world that take drugs like heroin and those kinds of drugs that make them forget their life, I guess. And it’s so damaging to our societies because they have to live a life of crime and [...]

Celebrating International Women’s Day

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Women, judge yourself against no other. You are in a unique and wonderful experience. Draw upon the Grandmother Wisdom that you all possess. All things are possible when you hold your world with unconditional love. Love, Jane   Image inspired by Yaoqi Lai Unsplash  

A message from Spirit for Prime Minister Trudeau

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We were talking about our Prime Minister, who is going to visit the American President tomorrow. And we were wanting to give some energy and support to make that a conversation from love. Yes, a love letter. A love letter. Yeah. That this being be that that he is. And he will only diffuse and [...]

Discussion with a spirit guide about negative and upsetting news stories

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Often our news media are perpetuating so much fear. I wish we had a good news channel that people could tune into for all these wonderful things that are happening. Drama sensationalizes fear. It makes money for these beings. They build lives on it. Allow them their time and their need, and know that it has [...]

Eve of the American Election

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I know a lot of people in this world are worrying and wishing there was something that we could do in this time of fear and uncertainty. We cannot vote unless you are living in the United States. What you can do that will have an affect is to send loving energy to those you [...]

Trust that their passing has enlightened the world

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When you feel all is dark and hopeless in the killing of these beautiful "Beings", trust that their passing has enlightened the world. They are teaching in ways you cannot imagine. It isn't that they chose to die in this way but they all knew in their spirit that they came to teach and heal [...]

The love of pets… a new little man in my life

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Recently I was surprised with a loving gift from my partner and this new little man came into my life. Meet George Bailey! Yes, he is named after my favourite fictional character, George Bailey, played by James Stewart in the Holiday movie classic, It's a Wonderful Life. Having a loving pet in your life, can [...]

Hit the refresh button and love yourself

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Happy New Year! We seem to love to mark time, here in this physical domain. A new start, a new beginning. In truth it has nothing to do with the physical world. It is in our own perception that it exists. It is my guess that it's our never ending desire to control our world [...]

A new year, a new world

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A beautiful high guide, we refer to as the Teacher, shared this message. Hello. You dwell in a new world, so approach it this way. Do not expect old learning and old teachings to fulfill the world you are now present in. Be creative. Be open. Release your ability to judge others, but see them for who they be. Allow [...]

It’s Christmas Eve. Open your hearts and hear the angels sing.

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When I was very young I would go outside on Christmas Eve. It was easier for me to hear my Guide and I would be told stories of how Christmas was in times past. To this day I still go outside for a walk every Christmas Eve. It's a few minutes to be alone under [...]

It is a time of great change–but do not fear it

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Tell the blessed beings that are present now in your world that this is a time of great change and upheaval in many ways.  But do not fear it. Do not fear it, but embrace it. There are good things at hand. There is nothing to fear but fear in its ugliest state, when it [...]

Many Guides have been talking to me in the last few days

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Tomorrow afternoon we are having an event. I always ask the Guides what the event should be about and what I should talk about. My dear Guide responded with, "It is a time for celebration... celebrate yourselves... each of you a miracle". Many Guides have been talking to me in the last few days. I [...]

Sit together at dinner and talk about happy things

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Ideas for a family with a child who is a picky eater Could you tell me why my little nephew is such a picky eater and how to make him eat well. What would he enjoy eating? As to food, well think like a child.  Make it playful and fun. And never, ever say: eat [...]

Celebrating the Light that You Are, an afternoon with Jane Kennard and the Spirit Guides

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We invite you to join us in Victoria on December 13 in Victoria to celebrate the winter solstice The winter solstice is a time for reflection, renewal and also celebration. If you live near Victoria, you can take a time out from the seasonal frenzy and join Jane Kennard for an afternoon in the presence [...]