Your energies go beyond your body

My question is I have been having weird skin issues, my whole upper body has become very dry and itchy.  It is really annoying.  What is that all about and how can I make it better?


The last thing you need, I think, is itchy skin.  I might not be the one you wish to ask about this, but I will give you my information on this.  You are a very sensitive, intuitive being and you feel other people’s energies immediately.  Well, there are a few energies around you that are really irritating to you right now and you have developed a boundary between them and you.

You see your energies go beyond your body and they are somewhat of a clash that is happening between you and these two other beings that are causing some irritation for you. You also have set up within your being an information system right now and it is not just your skin as there are some joints and spots that are irritated.  You should eat a very healthy diet now, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits.  You should get lots of get oils and at least once a day rub your body with wonderful oil, pure organic oils.  Do not use any harsh soaps or any kinds of perfumes right now.

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