Your body is the greatest tool–it was created by you, it speaks to you. Why would you deny it?

IMG_3430Karen – I am wondering if you could give guidance on my health. My throat area seems to have a lot of phlegm and it feels raw a lot of the time, my legs seem to get a lot of cramps and twitching and my arms seem to have a lot of pins and needles to name a few of my symptoms. Thank you so much for your guidance.

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Well, dearest, firstly if you could get some true rest. And to achieve true rest we must take your mind and place it outside of your body for a while. But I know that’s not possible; nor do you really want this occurring.

Tension, exhaustion, having to speak things that weren’t your truth, having to be in a place that is not conducive to the radiant being of who you be—all of this sends messages to your inner spirit.

There is misfiring the nervous system down the spine. You would do well to do some exercises that stretch and release the nerves that are being pinched in the spine, that are tight around the cervical, that put pressure on the vocal cords and the very lining of the throat. Do some deep breathing to the bottom of the lungs, causing the diaphragm to push out and in. There are many methods of breathing that would help this.

Do some inverted poses. There are many forms of the Eastern beliefs with knowledge of how the spine is the centre of the communication of the body. Research this to help your being. Do dry brushing on your skin to awaken all parts of your being.

You are being somewhat suffocated by the pressures and the tensions that you are inhaling in these places that you go to be.You didn’t speak of the many times that you are amongst many that have nothing to do with who you be. Is it time to change this? Can you? Are you willing to seek peace and harmony for you? To change many things is fearful to you and so you force the issues in your body.

Remember that your body is the greatest tool, gift, container, and the only thing you own in the physical world. It speaks to you. It holds you. It was created by you in the manner and means in which you need to complete this path. So why would you deny it?

Bless you, my child—for you can hear it. You can heal it. Listen.

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