You do not have to earn love; be it

Sarah writes:

Dear spirit guides,
There is one very important person that came into my life a few years ago that I had an instant connection with. Will I get to see Donna again in this life time? Please tell us both what the connection is we have with each other and in as much detail as possible.

The one other question is: will ever get financial compensation for the medical misadventure that happened to me four years ago? I still struggle daily with the disabilities it has caused and the impact it has had and still has on my personal relationships   and my career. I am determined to keep doing personal training and want to start my own business from home doing this but can’t do without money to set it up. I am afraid I will not be able to continue this career choice and that I will get no financial compensation for what happened to me.  Will have to change my career choice?

Thank you for so much or your widom and light you offer.

The guide’s response:

This blessed one is asking most to be loved.  She wants to feel love as she felt and saw in the eyes of this being, Donna.   You have shared many lifetimes together.  Old ancient knowing is that pure, simple, uncomplicated love that fills you to a point of no physical abilities. In other words, you are being.  But why feel surprised about this, or why feel sad about this?

Love is a blissful, wonderful element of growth, the purpose for being in the physical world.  Dear one, you have looked for permission in so many different areas in order to be.  You seek to be seen, to be heard, to be present.  You have worked the physical body very hard and not listened to it.  It is as if you are stamping your feet in an anger, in demand.

Blessed one, you will be seen and heard through the love that you feel for yourself.  You must take time.  Worry not about permission.  Take time to love yourself.  It is not through buying a new sweater or putting on something beautiful that you know you are beautiful.  But by knowing that you are love and that you do not have to do, or be, or create anything in order to find love.  It is by being love, in the wholeness and the balance of this love that it will be given to you–for like attracts like.

You attract to yourself those that are in pain, you attract to yourself those that are confused.  The great love you have for Donna, you found.  You did no attract it.  You found it was right there before you, without words, without passions. Without giving up your very being, you were loved and it opened a greatness within you and a knowing that you could be and do whatever you wanted.  And so you want to be back in the light of that being.

Be the light of your own being, my dear.  The promise with this one will never falter or die for you are of it.  Through your path you have attained certain understandings of who you are that are not correct.  This resulted from the fear and conditions and controlling of understandings that were put upon you at an early age.  So you soaked it up and thought that is who you were.  Now, that  is too small an understanding of who you be to fit.  So, step out and be the light and the love that you want and it shall be there for you.  Then the compensation will come in greater forms than you have any understanding.  You do not have to earn love, dearest, be it.



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  1. EM March 15, 2011 at 11:25 am - Reply


    I would like to ask about my boyfriend’s daughter. Her parents are not getting along very well, and I am concerned that she is feeling the effects of the negativity between her parents. What does she need right now? Is there anything I can do or say to help her?

    Thank you so much for this blog and for your wonderful guidance. Much love and gratitude, Em.

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