Writing as a way to heal your being


Funtastic – I am writing a book about a death and how it was handled. Some people may get mad about it. If I publish it using my name or a fake name will I be safe from harm? How can I find the truth of what happened? Why did the authorities do what they did? Is there a hatred for the race and age of the person killed? What is the underlying cause for it? Is there anything else that would be helpful for me to know about this occurrence? Thank you. (Please read as given.)

Dearest one, what you are wanting to do is to heal yourself, that you might have an understanding.  It is good to write, put down your thoughts, your feelings as you experienced this; as you felt you were being judged and others are being judged.

You need to write it down.  As to whether you publish it that will be another choice at a different time. You have been dancing around this idea for a long time and you have felt stifled in many ways.  But nothing can stifle your desire to heal your being. As to whether you will receive answers for others,  it is unknown. But you must seek answers for yourself, answers that only you can come up with because they lie deep within your being.

They did not understand how traumatized you have been, how you have tried to right the wrongs.  Doing so, might be very frightening for you, but no one will harm you, or hurt you.  Your opinions are your opinions . Make sure you say this clearly and succinctly.

You have had many times in your life where people have dismissed your thoughts, your feelings and your being.  I am not surprised you might want to keep this secret, but at the same time you might want to just show the world how you feel.  Do one thing at a time, my dear.  All of the mariete of emotions and feelings that you have will become clearer if you do it one step at a time.

Be not afraid. It does not matter if they are mad.  They cannot hurt you.  Bless you, my child.

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