Wondering about a chance with a beautiful girl

Adrian asks

Hello my friends. I met a very beautiful girl, we became good friends. She knows that I love her, I don’t know what she feels about me. I only know that she cares about me. Her name is Cristina. Now I take some drugs for my skin, my face is beginning to clear.  By April or May my face should become almost perfect. Please tell me what Cristina feels about me? If she loves me? Do I have a real chance with her? Everyday I see a lot of girls, but Cristina is my heaven. Many blessings.

The guide’s response:

You are an amazing being, so gentle, so loving.  I know you worry about your skin but do not.  This condition relates to hormones back and forth.  It will balance out in time.  You say your heaven is your Christina.  Of course, but you must feel love for yourself.  Your heaven dearest is at hand.  But you are heaven, and those that come to bask in your light with you will add to your light.  And you shall be the one that makes all the joy, for your choices are at hand.

This might be somewhat difficult for you to understand right now, my dear.  You feel very much that you just want to fill the bill.  Be that that you are, my gentle one.

There is some concern that these drugs might cause some irritation in the liver if taken too long.  It would be very healthy for you to eat a lot of vegetables and fruit, drink a lot of clear water (not chlorinated), and get plenty of sleep blessed one.  For this will help to balance the hormones that you make.

And when your dear one, Christina, is present, just be still, and ask questions about her.  Worry not about yourself.  Make her feel comfortable for she is just as nervous as you, my dear.  Bless you my child and enjoy this wonderful passion.

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