During our last blog session, a beautiful and strong guide came in and identified herself as White Buffalo woman.  This guide shared a little about that lifetime when she walked the earth and was known as White Buffalo woman.  Here is an excerpt of our conversation:

“Do you know the legend of the White Buffalo?  When a white buffalo is born it means that there is going to be a great change.  We used to think it was a destruction of the earth.  But in truth, it meant a change would happen.  I was considered different.  I was born what you would call an albino and so they called me White Buffalo.  I became a great medicine woman in that life.

Was that in Canada or the US then?

In North America, yes. We didn’t follow the borders then.  We followed our own paths north to south.

Did you have teachers in spirit?

Yes, all early beings could see and talk to spirit much easier than the evolved ones that are present now.  They often have more difficulty although it is available to all.

Thank you for being with us today. It is an honour.

I would like to ask about the marijuana plant and the importance of it environmentally and healing of the planet and for our bodies.  Can you share information on the benefits of this plant?

It is a wonderful thing. The ancient ones are helping all to return to the earth. Mother earth will nourish you, will hold you and will heal you.  These plants, these close to nature plants, there are many not just this one; will heal you.  Even the use of the poppy was very much used to have a spiritual understanding.  There are cactus that have certain elements too.  A lot of these elements can take you to a far extreme outside of your body, but in the process you might miss the fact that a smaller amount of these wonderful herbs can heal the body and nourish the body. Do you know what it does?  It mixes physical and energy and it breaks down the barriers between spirit and body and opens all of the cells to allow healing to take place, to allow nourishment to cross over.

You see, the mind and the body are parts of this great torment that you all have in your physical world.  You can talk a great story but if your heart does not believe it, you will not walk it.  You will not follow through. These herbs help that union to be one.

All manner of form of it is very good.   You should not have it in large amounts unless you want to just live in a state of stupor and be overly in spirit.  But while you are in body you are not supposed to be only in spirit.  You are supposed to find the balance.  Balance is probably the greatest word in your physical plane.