Thinking about moving to an intentional community

Anna’s considering moving into an intentional community with a group of friends but she’s concerned about the arrangement, partly because some of the people have limited finances. 

Dearest Anna, you have tried so long and so hard to be open and evolved trusting and moving forward.  And when you’re feeling fearful, you’re doubting what is being said to you.  My dear, listen to it. You have moved forward in many ways.  You cannot deny the growth that you have already taken.  Listen to it my child.  Your fear has purpose.
Too many things my dear.  You fear even speaking your truth to these ones.  Think about that.  What it would be like if you were in close circumstances with them.  You don’t want to be alone; you don’t need to be alone.  Take small steps at this time.
Thank you, I’ll pass these words on to Anna. 

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