I recently had a fall and it was very shocking to me.  I’m wondering first of all, is there a problem with my knee or my chest from this?  And secondly, what am I meant to learn form this?  What was it about?  Or was it just a stupid accident?

Ah, there are no stupid accidents my dear.  That opening that was created was for you to understand that you are in a very growing continuum.  The part of your chest that received the blow, there actually is a gland within that you would do well to tap on from time to time, although perhaps not as abruptly as this opening created.

Is that the thymus gland?

It is part of it, yes.  There is part of it that actually can become quite encased in hardness from actually experiencing too much ritual or regulation of the lifestyle.  You know yourself, you find yourself slipping into forms of too much ritual.  It finds you frustrated.  And this is an opening that you need break out of, change things up.

As to the knee, the deep abrasion that now is present is dried blood within.  This is as bad as crystals within; they are sharp and irritating.  And this has caused an inflammation deep within this very complex hinge.  Heat is the best, massage.  Gentle movement, gentle swinging and movement of this helps to dissolve this.  This is a time when you should have at least three tablespoons of good oils, safflower, sesame, olive oils, ones that are pure and of the cleanest form.  You also should ingest a lot of vitamin C right now. Try not to take it in pill form, but in the form of nutrition.

Elevate this leg and knee whenever possible.  When it’s sore, rub it. Don’t fling it about and push it hard.  When it’s sore it’s telling you that the crystals are cutting into the flesh.  Pain is a great gift. It tells you to be kind to your body.

And in terms of the rib, is the same thing happening with crystals in there?

No. This is just actually just to remind you to change your routine, to remember that you are a vibrant, growing, youthful being. There is no time limit.  There is lots to do.

You see, it’s not a terrible burden, but a wonderful opening that you have given yourself.  And in this time of this accident you were surrounded by beings that loved and adored you.  You were not alone; not in spirit, not in the physical domain. You often dismiss your physical state. You’ve often been frustrated by it. Embrace this beautiful body that carries this exquisite spirit.  It is a wondrous thing.  Be not angry with its mind; it tries to keep up with you.  Be patient.

(reposted from December 2012)