Vanessa says that during a reading with a medium about a year ago, her deceased mother and daughter asked her to write a story of her life. She says, “It seemed ridiculous because I am not a famous person, my life has been somewhat difficult and a little bit different, but not special enough to write a book about it, I would say. Still, I promised I would try and am about 2/3 of the way through it. Can you tell me why I would have been asked to do this odd thing? As I write it, I feel foolish that I am doing it.

Why would a being feel foolish to talk about their life? That is the question. Not so much that she was asked to do it. For a part of her wants to do it, part of her needs in this process to heal her path, to see it for all its wonder. To see the magnificence of many things she has done and is not willing to give herself that. This one is a very evolved being.

Many times a being will follow a path (for instance as in writing a certain text) but the process of writing was not so much to instruct others as to heal themselves. And this perchance be what she needs to do. An opportunity to focus on what is really important. This one has such magnificence and in some ways has limited herself. Mnn.

Keep writing. Humor yourself. Do not feel foolish, for there is nothing about your path that should make you feel this way. Keep on with your writing.