MK writes:

I have learned from all the relationships I have had in this lifetime with men… dad, uncle, brother-in-law, x-husband, many other men and I can see how they were major characters in my life, but they were all unhealthy, abusive. I would like to know if Karl and I will be married in this lifetime? I would love to have a healthy and passionate relationship, marriage in this lifetime.

The guide’s response:

Dearest MK, you are growing and moving forward so beautifully.  The most important step of having love is willingness–willingness to forgive, willingness to grow and to be and to trust.  You are still holding back a certain part of your being–tied into fear, expectations, anger, hurt.  If you can be willing to forgive, it does not mean to accept, but to forgive heals you and allows you to move forward.

As so the marriage with this being, my blessed one, you will choose this if it is right for you.  You must take the action to, or not to.  I cannot tell you if it is the right choice, or the wrong choice.  It is a choice, an act of growth.

Firstly, begin your process of complete healing, it will give you clarity and you will understand.  Bless you my dear.