The cause of back pain

Andrea asks about recurring issues with her back and neck. She says, “I have been taking supplements and acupuncture and chiropractic treatments but I am beginning to wonder why this is not getting better. I am wondering if there is a karmic issue that is causing this recurring pain. Is there any insight you can give me? Can I do something to fix the root cause of this issue?”

The root cause–the blessed one, how sweet! Karma (she uses the word) otherwise known as balance. Pain in the back, in the neck, is otherwise known as balancing one’s life. Her path, her life, is very hard on her. She takes on way more then she needs, always trying to help others, trying to do a hundred things at one time. Simplify, blessed one. Take time for yourself. It does not do any good to take a therapeutic thing, and then go home, and do a thousand different things, dearest. You need to simplify. Take time to rest to balance your life. In each choice think about the balance of it. If you do this, I will take time for that. You shall heal my dear when you decide to simplify your life.

Is this information applicable to everyone with back pain?

Not everyone, but most. The symbols of different parts of the body show where to put your attention and concern. A reaction in the back tells to put concern there, to understand the weight that is upon the being. It is the only way your body can talk to you–by pain. And most often the shoulders, often the back, will respond when there are too many directions, too much to think about, too many people asking questions, and too much responsibility. It is not that you cannot do these things. But simplify, space it out. Stress is a constant in your physical world. It is nothing you can ever stop, but you can time it better.

Thank you. I think this is good advice for many people.

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