Anonymous writes, “My husband has a very difficult time loving himself and healing from events during his childhood. He was seeing a councilor, but she has retired, leaving him feeling rather adrift. I pick him up as much as I can, but I worry about him. Please help to guide us to a path of healing.”

It may seem very difficult to tell this one to not be responsible for her husband’s path.   He must create for himself the understanding that he owns it.  If he chooses to change it, it must be his to change, through his actions.  This blessed one feels that you do all of the work so that he should change and that is not how it works.  He is a good being and truly does want to change.  First, he must accept where he is.  He mustn’t rely on another being to do his healing for him. You may speak this in the words of love and it shall be heard.  And you are not alone.  There are many that are trying to help him. But understand it must be his choice.