Nighthawkof  writes:

Thank you so much for your previous guidance. I am posting one more time. I have decided to detach myself from the situation for the time being. To withdraw because there is too much pain and hurt going around and it seems to be a vicious circle that is going to destroy everything we ever had.  I am not giving up on hope, I am just trying to let us all heal in our own way and if she does decide to come back the better.  It is time to move to a place where the pain can subside somewhat although I know the next time will be very difficult for me.  I love her too much to put her through all this.  I hope I am making the right decision, if there is anything like a right decision in this mess.  Again, thank you so much for your previous guidance. It helped enormously.

The guide’s response:

You are a wondrous being, so much to give.  Take time to heal your being.  What does this mean in your physical world?  It means seeing that that is right before you in your world,  present, joyful, loving, kind beings wanting to be close to you.  No, it does not mean you need to love them to any great extent.  But see yourself in their eyes.  Love your own being.  See how gentle and loving you are.  In time, you will see how you have grown.  That this experience was not a negative in any way, but an opportunity to step forward, to grow, to be more magnificent than ever.  There is so much talent within you.  You know what I speak of.  It is time to put it in place.  Do not think it is something that only you know of.  Write my child, write.  Not to any one being, but perhaps to yourself.  For you have the ability to use words.  Use this method to heal yourself and perhaps in time, many.  You are not alone.  You have done well.