Stretch, breathe and laugh to ease pain


Gail – I would like to ask the spirit guides if they know what is wrong with my neck and throat, and what I can do about it.

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This being doesn’t need to be in pain.  Often pain speaks to the body that some things are very stressed and too much weight upon the physical. This is true of this body, but the weight is from the thinking.  The mind has chosen to be almost ricocheting about her thinking of many different things and needs and wants and responsibilities.  Practice just focusing on one thing at a time, dearest.  It isn’t that you cannot help and be and do all of those things you love to do, but focus on one thing at a time.  Stay in the moment of where you be.

Now, as to your physical body, I want you to concentrate on your spine for the whole of your body relates to how your spine is feeling.  Can you stand strong and yet relaxed, putting your shoulders back, relaxing into the movement? Be conscious of the movements of your body.  Be conscious of the fact that you are holding things so tight in order not to hurt, that you cause stress on the other parts of your body.  Relax into it.  Put your center of your thinking, your mind into the place of pain and then move it down your whole spine, through the column of your vertebrae, or bones right to the base of your spine for here is where the tension lays, between your hips where the pelvis connects.

Ancients have thought for a very long time that this is the center of the soul; it isn’t.  It is the center of the nerve system for the body up to the brain.  So, the tension is in your neck.  The pain is in your neck.  You have developed some very strong tissues that hold it in an unbalanced way and to talk to them to release this, you must start at the bottom of your spine.  Move slowly and gently up to it and as you do sit in a very proper way as if shoulders back upright and and breathing difficulty.  You have started moving your body in a way of pain instead of a way health, up to your neck, relaxing it, allowing it to be, moving gently one way and the other.

Even if you cannot, at first, try just movements like in dance, gentle back and forth like you would rock a baby, up and down, back and forth, gently, little movements, starting from the base of your spine, moving up out through your shoulders, allow your fingertips to move and wiggle.  Movement must be part of this healing.

You can also lie flat upon a surface, the floor, hopefully, something that is not too soft, bending your knees up, pulling your feet to the bottom of your spine; your feet to your bottom, your glutus maximus if you don’t understand. Arms outstretched on either side, head straight up and now let your whole spine melt into the floor.  Bring it down to the floor and up and now in a few gentle movements, bring your arms up over you and then up over your head, stretching one side and the other side, gently back and forth.

Try, when you are lying there to think of something quite funny, laughter, giggle from the base of your spine, breathing deeply with each laugh.  Do this each day or when you feel the tightest.  Stand erect.  Head up and breathing deeply, seeing how beautiful you be.  Bless you, my child.

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