Elizabeth writes:Dear Ladies and Guides,

My health is deteriorating. I believe my iron levels and Vitamin D are very low, which is why I have trouble breathing. My knees hurt. I’m scared that I’m not well, currently I have a migrane & my bowels are not working well. This all might be happening because I am so angry, I have resentment, I’m getting very lonely and I’m experiencing envy which I’m deeply ashamed of. I’m trying to change my state and I can’t seem to do it. I’m not very good at this, I feel like I have just arrived and I’ve no idea what I need to do. I don’t want to cry anymore, I just can’t be so sad anymore I think enough is enough. I don’t want to leave my mother & father, and I do want to give it a try but I’m terrible at this. I just can’t be so sad anymore, this just can’t go on. I think I need external help, I can’t seem to do this on my own. I don’t even know what to ask for, however if you can point me to a road I’ll follow it. Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, you are filled with anxiety and fear.  The anger is a result of the fear of not knowing how to take steps to be.  You are very closely attached to those you love.  You feel their entire burden is upon you.  But it isn’t!  This is your choice: to accept that.

If you step outside of that to witness your own life you would be the first one giving advice. Go and seek other beings your age to talk, to gently find that that you need.  This is not going to happen quickly, for you have struggled with this for a long time.  Be gentle with your soul, blessed one.  Be gentle with your being; be not so harsh.

Self negativity is so destroying your sense of being, your gentle wonder.  Yes, you could seek counselling but in a form that is most healing for you.  It must be with one you would feel complete trust that you could speak all manner of things.  There lies deep within you a sense of guilt and obligation that is is lucidly connected with something that happened from a very long time ago.  You do need to speak of this with one you feel very safe with.

Stop being harsh with yourself.  Start loving yourself as you would love a beautiful child.  Love yourself.  Love the beauty that lies within you, the gentle sweet need to see all beings happy, well, strong.  If you do not feel confident enough to seek counsel, and if there is no one that you trust, then begin quietly speaking to the great light of the beings that surround you.  You could write it in a small booklet, in pen if you wish.  But take a moment each day to write to those that are with you and helping you.

Greater than mother and father these beings will help you through your path.  They will never desert you. They will never expect of you anything other than to love yourself.  To allow yourself the growth that is necessary you must begin by loving yourself.  A simple task and yet one that weighs so heavy upon many. So quickly you forget in each moment when you arrive in your physical domain.

You do not need to carry the growth of others. Child, you cannot do their work for them.  You can only do yours.  And understanding this is loving yourself and trusting that they will do what they need to do.  Ask again, my child.  Seek quiet, gentle wisdom. Hold a crystal or amulet, whatever you feel might give you some inner strength.  Your world is there to be, to help you be.  Try to understand this that you created, the world you live in.  A greater sense of knowing what you need  to learn creates this. The spirit sense helps you through it.  I love you my child, you are not alone.