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LaughterA spirit guide has been sharing a weekly message to help us see what is in our spiritual toolbox.   This week, a guide we lovingly refer to as “the Professor” came through to speak about laughter.  Please click here to listen Guide.

Well, I’ve never been called from the crowd before.  Yes, humour is the most important part of your toolbox.  I think it is amusing as I have visions of you all lugging around this very heavy box.  It isn’t what it is about.

Within every being there is the ability to laugh. I know you all think that it separates you from the animals, but animals actually know how to laugh too.  It is a very wonderful part of being in a physical form whether it is from a tickle, or from something in the mind, but there are many ways that laughter actually lives.  You will understand, endorphins, I know and there are many things that are lifted in the body to heal it and, of course, laughter is important.

And often times, though, you will find those that are in the greatest pain will use humour to try to communicate with the world.  And they will often use humour in order to ease another person’s pain.  And often, it is an absolutely necessary thing in order to communicate at all with someone who has a completely different view of life than you.

There are those that don’t think it is very funny when you make jokes when there are painful things happening.

Yes, but at the same time when you are making the joke they are put to ease because they are feeling…well, I guess maybe I need to take a breath.

It is not all about always being so very serious and taking everything to the endth degree.  My goodness, I do see so many that actually wear sores on themselves as they try to be so good.  It isn’t even possible to be that possibly good and be in a physical body.

There are parts of you that must experience some negativity and sometimes if you think that being funny is negative, then so be it.  It is not the greatest harm you will ever do your being and it is very healthy.  The physical body actually releases endorphins when it is truly laughing; like belly laughing.  I don’t mean like funny, little “tee-hee” that is all phony and not really.  I am speaking of truly laughing heartily like when tears stream down…do you know the essence of those tears are different than those tears cried in great sorrow?

That is interesting. When you are speaking about laughing like that, until you can’t stop laughing, that is something I’m sure we have all experienced, but not very often.  Maybe we need ways to find that again.

You have to be willing to find that.  Yes, and there are some that become so very restricted in their view of life that they are not willing to laugh at things.  And laughter is a very important part of being and dwelling in the physical world for many things are funny.  Many, many things are absolutely ridiculously funny.

Can you give an example?

Oh heavens, my speaking through this little woman is absolutely hilarious.  I was a big, fat old man.  (Laughter) I carry my.…oh yes, I see, this is her dress; I was holding my watch for time was so important to me and that was ridiculous!  I had as much time as I needed anyway.  I didn’t realize it.

Many things are funny; each of you unique, are funny. Be not afraid to see laughter.  Be not afraid to laugh.  Be not afraid to not laugh if it is not funny to you and that in a way is humorous.

We’ve heard about people who have healed themselves of serious illnesses through laughter.

Yes, locking themselves in rooms and watching funny movies and insisting upon only hearing funny jokes every day.  Laughter has a great power over you; endorphins.  Your own body has all the ways in which to heal itself.  The actual movement in laughter, that shaking back and forth, causes a friction that is intensely healing especially for bones which are often difficult to heal.

Before you go could you tell me of an example of an animal that laughs?

Oh heavens, most of the baby animals laugh.

Of course, a little puppy?

Yes, it is not something you would perhaps recognize, but it is in their own squealing and noises.  Yes, and some of the apes laugh in a way that you would understand completely.  But they use it in a different way, but they have humour.  They use it to attract attention.  Perhaps some of you do that too.

Thank you.

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