Hello, this question is being asked on behalf of Barb.   She would like to know the source of her ill health and how to recover to experience a healthy life.  Unlimited thanks!

Well, this one called Barb seeks permission to be.   She has always been looking for permission to be, never noticed, never seen.  She is confused a great deal and she does not know how to manifest the great love that is created.  To own one’s path, to witness it, sometimes takes pain. Inability is the body’s way to say stop, let’s have a look at what’s happening.   Do not fear, but see who you are in the choices you are making and the attitudes you are feeling.  Is this your truth?  Is this the information that you use to formulate who you be?  Quite a strong intensity of being you are.  You need to examine this.  We are not questioning whether you love others.  For you would give your whole being for others to be well.  See the effect you have on others and how important it is for you to claim that love.