Releasing Yourself

Ever feel like you’re hung up on something, stuck in one place?

Don’t be surprised if you are feeling somewhat paralyzed. This pandemic and what Guides call ‘The Overturn’ can certainly cause one to feel unable to know which direction to move in. You may be feeling overwhelmed by all the sadness and information.

It’s not a happy place to be and if left too long can become what Spirit calls a state of no growth. Not where you want to be.

Good news is that when you realize you are stuck and just twisting in the wind, you have taken the first step of releasing yourself.

Breath, be present, take actions to be safe and healthy. Lead if others are in your circle. We seldom realize we are teaching others how to be.

Reduce information input, do something to help in your corner of the world.

Look up and out, see this amazing world that needs you.



Photo by Rauf Allahverdiyev on Pexels

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