autumnSWIM – Is there any relief from metal poisoning from MRI?

Dearest one, you are very wise and you know the power of the mind, the brain, is very strong.  It is the concept that creates whether it be the healing or not.

There are things that can remove metals from the body.  The best of these are grown in your wonderful seas and your oceans, seaweeds.  Seaweeds will bind with many metals and remove them.  It is their job in the ocean and can do this job in your body. There are certain clays that some tribes in Africa have eaten, that have been their choices and amazing, you might try this.

But the most important thing of all things you ingest, is how your mind sees it, as healing, or as destructive, or as an irritant. Your brilliant, strong mind must consume and release it for it will not be talked out of the fact that it has perceived it as a poison.  So, let that be the test of your strength and release it, hold not any of it in your body and remember this as you release anything you do not want in your body.

You are one that has a very strong mind even to the point of imaginative that can overpower you with things that are not of reality, but your entire body will have assumed it is.  Be gentle and loving with your body, my dear.  Love it.  It is a miraculous thing.

 Second guide – I wish to add that many times discussions create growth.  And if you discuss in ways that are fearful it may hold you back.  Discuss what is possible and be it.

Many of these tests in your world do have a sort of side effect.  They are aware of them now and this energy flows through parts of your body from time to time and one often doesn’t even know half of the time when one is exposed.  So, the most important thing is to find joy and happiness, laughter, peace.