Releasing and changing your path

Star Bright  – Hello! I have a question in regards to my skin….I have been breaking out consistently for over 10 years now and I am soooo tired of it. I never broke out as a teenager, it all started as an adult. I wonder if there is something I can do, change, add or eliminate?   Each breakout leaves behind a red dot, so even when I only have one or two it looks much worse surrounded by the old ones ~ the little red dots.  Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

Dearest Star Bright, you are changing your path, not that it wasn’t already decided, many, many, well, much time ago. In this process, often, the very skin that holds all of the energies will erupt in the releasing of being in the physical domain changes every cell of their body in cycles quite often. You are releasing a great deal of stress, old hurts, old emotions that they have a place, and they have left scars deep within you.  It is simply a manifestation of that that was.   Will you heal?  Yes, you are in the process of doing so.  Drink much clean water without toxins in it.  Eat fresh fruit, it helps to clarify.  You see, it is not just your skin but your liver, your pancreas, your spleen, that holds on to much of this grief and stress.  Be patient with them and pamper yourself as a newborn babe as each shedding occurs.  It did not happen in your earlier years because you were not ready to release, you had not the understanding.  You had not your body/spirit connection in place as it is now.  You could, of course, take many different modes and methods as your society would provide but they are simply part of the healing.  But do not be afraid when that occurs, welcome it, release it and bless your being for its wisdom from within.  You often think that others look upon this as some negative, they  do not.  Do not judge yourself.  Do not think they believe as you believe. Love yourself, child.  Love yourself.

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