B writes:

I am wondering what I can do about my health right now. I got back from Mexico and was quite ill.  Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, you are not very happy.  Your trip to Mexico was not the rest you wanted.  You are searching for something much more than a holiday.  So often when the body manifests a disorder, a dis-ease, it does not mean that you are dying or deathly ill.  It is a discomfort and it tells you that there is something out of line that needs attention.  The vibration of your spirit is creating something for you to pay attention to.

S0 what is out of line here?  You are not very happy.  You have put everyone else’s needs first and you are trying very hard to pretend it does not bother you.  You are torn between your loved ones and loving yourself.  Your physical body will balance. It is simply that you are out of balance with the natural bacteria that grows within your small intestine (not your large intestine).  And there is a small, well, not a parasite in the understanding of a large one, that will pass without difficulty. It has created a thing that you should pay attention to.

The greatest thing to pay attention to is what you need to do for you? What to do for you?  Where do you stand in your path?  Pay attention to this.  Bless you my child.