Maria – hello, I would like to know why I developed bunions and is there something I could do to treat this?  It is very painful.

The body that carries your brilliant soul manifests many things.  You believe there is some genetic component and this is true but in order to manifest it must be through spirit as well.  You might think it is silly to be told to love your feet.  Why wouldn’t you?  They hold you up;  they take you to where you need to be.  They connect you with your physical world.  They are amazing receivers, the connective.  Anoint them with oils, love them, keep the circulation going.  You need touch on these blessed feet and hide them not.  The pain speaks that you are not grounded in your world.   There are many things that your view of is not what you should understand of your world.  Connect with your world.  Love you feet, massage and touch.  You will understand that they are beautiful exactly as they are and they shall heal.