Cheenu writes:

Sometimes when I talk to my loved ones and see them in pain, especially my parents, I feel so overwhelmed.  It gives me  a lot of stress.  Also when someone talks to me rudely and I don’t answer back it hurts me.  It’s just not me to answer them back.  These issues stress me so much that i get ill.  How can I become strong?  And  one more thing,  if you could please answer.  For about 10 years I have been suffering from a hair problem which has snatched my confidence especially as I’m a female.  Is there any remedy?

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, when you are feeling this friction or stress as you call it, open your heart to that being and pour the light of love that you are into them, and around them.  Visualize it as a light shining out radiant from your heart, from the center of your chest to them. You do not need to find words.  You do not need to say anything, but it will relieve the tension you feel.  And to those that say harsh things do the same, surround them in love and light.  Heal them.  Love them.  This is a stronger force than any negative words and this will help you not to become ill.

As to your hair, blessed one, you are terribly stressed.  And when you experience stress you close off your capillaries or blood vessels, thus, not nourishing the hair upon the top of your head. So do that as well, open your heart, open your veins and your capillaries, express the warmth and love to your head. You can also do a wonderful movement of dance to keep the circulation moving. There are also herbs and vitamins you can take that will help.  But mostly you must bring nourishment to this part of you by opening and loving.  There are certain elements of light, there is red light; this also will help to bring circulation to this part of your being. Open your heart to your own being and I shall ask you to do this to others and this shall be alleviated blessed one.  Release the light and the love that you are.