Moving beyond anxiety and fear

SWIM asks:

Heart attack or severe anxiety attacks? Hopefully the insurance policy will be set up some time this week so I can go to the doctor.Please help me.

The Guide’s response:

Dearest one, you are putting words to your deep anxiety.  You have fear over many things in the physical world.  You try very hard to control all issues and sometimes your body overrides this, thus, the pain or the inability to take a deep breath.  Physically your heart muscle does very well, but emotionally your swings are back and forth.  You have times of terror and deep stress.  To understand this you must be still in these feelings. Try to bring form and picture to it, from where it comes, so that you can try to understand why you have developed this fear, and why you try so hard to control all things.

Know that there is only one thing you can control: it is love.  Love of self, love of being, responsible for your own path.  You feel desperately alone sometimes, fearful to speak of your innermost feelings and thoughts and fears–and they loom sometimes on the horizon as if to overtake you.  When this feeling arises, hold on to it, be still in it.  And keep breathing and realize that with each deep breath you survived it. You are greater than it, you are greater than the body that you created to hold you for you are the one who steers it, who decides how it shall be.  So, dearest one, don’t worry about controlling the world.  Understand the power of you in being is very great.

Insurance is something of your world to protect you for a cost.  Protect yourself by loving yourself.  It is partially about creating insurance but mostly about taking care to love yourself, to giggle, to laugh, to turn the fear inside out, as in a healthy healing action and moving forward.

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