Looking at pain as the voice of the body in imbalance

Mocha asks how her mother, Susan, can cure her acid reflux disease and also why she has it in the first place?  Mocha says, “She is on medication that sort of helps, but there are many foods she cannot eat.  The medicine she takes is not natural and I do not believe it is healing the acid reflux, only putting a band-aid on it. I have tried apple cider vinegar, which helped quite a bit but only lasted a little while. What should she be doing to cure the disease? She is very stubborn and understandably tired of the pain, so she is afraid to go off the medication unless she sees something with good, relatively fast results. Any suggestions?”

Blessed one, you are trying very hard to heal someone other than yourself.  It is most important for the entity of mother, to heal herself.   To seek out choices, to understand why this energy creates such acid in her being.  You have often worried for this one.  You must allow now for this one to take on her own path.  This condition she has is a symbol that she needs to address.  I do not that you must  turn your back on her.  You can offer information that will allow the choices to be heard.  Think of what this perhaps means, that she cannot digest certain things in her life.  Her body is reflecting a voice.  It comes in the form of this pain, this discomfort.  For she must ask her body why.  And then listen to it.  This is the most important part.  To listen to the answer, not in pain but of understanding of the imbalance.
Are you talking  about a physical imbalance?

This has been manifested into the physical but it began as a vibrational imbalance.  It is what you would call a spiritual imbalance.

So the mother Susan should ask her of her body what it is trying to tell her?
Yes, and she will start to hear the choices she might make.  I know she is seeking in all directions but not where this be.  Why does a body have imbalances?  The child needs to speak to the mother that this did not just happen, that this condition was created over time from the stress within.  The body no longer makes the enzymes to digest the food.  This mother is worrying way too much, but she is not worrying about things she can make choices about.  She must find peace within through meditation, laughter, joy.  She needs  to take on her own path, her own problems, her own voice.

Thank you.  I’ll pass these words on to Mocha.

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