Liver, breast health and laughter

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Anonymous- Dear Guides..what can you tell me about my health? Especially my liver and breast issues..Many thanks.

Toxins, my dear, toxins. The liver when over stressed by working and it is not that you’ve ingested difficult things but you have been under great stress and that makes the liver work quite diligently to try to get rid of it.  It is almost like a naughty child sticking the brussel sprouts in the pockets of a vest. It is an amazing organ but it can stuff a lot of toxic stuff in different parts and then it needs to time to heal and release all of these things.

Can the liver be helped?

Oh definitely. By not eating any sugars, or anything that creates sugar in the body, alcohols, white flour that I see you all using so much of now and to ingest very fresh and alive with vitamins, sprouted grains, sprouted fresh vegetables, greens.  Make then into lovely barley broths as they are very good for the liver and dandelion greens.  You might be able to find it close to where you be. Lots of fresh water, but not too much. If the liver is having difficulty if you overwhelm it with water it is like water logging it and it will have quite a sputtering time to get over that. Water should be warm, not cold, some spice but not too much, or too little, lots of rest, lots of warmth, do not get yourself too cold, or too hot. In other words, when the liver is dealing with a stress problem, don’t stress the whole body for your liver deals with your skin and all functions of feeding this body.

As to the breast issues, there are fibrous breasts and they have difficulties.  Great massage of the breasts is good to get all of the ducts working right and having the lymphs working right.  The lymphatic system has a great deal to do with the breast tissue, the swelling and unswelling and all of the little ducts in there are all part of the same system mostly going in one direction.  That is why when you massage your breasts go in one direction.  As to breast health the best thing to do is be happy, wear a comfortable garment, nothing too tight that binds them. You do not bind them any more in this world but it was done a lot of when I was present. Don’t fuss or poke at the breasts a whole lot. They are very sensitive to manipulation.

So, you said to be happy?

Absolutely for it releases endorphens which is the best medicine.

What about twisting your body for the liver? Does that work?

Yes, it is like massage, it is very, very good.  Yoga is very, very healthy.  No corsets.  That was terrible, do you know they even broke ribs? How ridiculous.  Any restricting of the breast is not a healthy thing.  Your body should be adored.  Do not do anything that restricts the natural movements of the body.

How do you stimulate the lymphatic system?

Oh, by touch.  The lymphatics are terribly sensitive to touch, in one direction.  Never go back and forth over lymphatics. They go in one direction, the little valves inside of them only open one way.  If you push lymph backwards then it causes cysts and little absesses and such, so only one way.  If you irritate it then it will shut those valves and then you will just have a cyst and it will stay there for a long time.

If you remove the cyst will it stay away?

You can have the cyst removed but it will never open that channel of the lymphatics again. It is a very sensitive system and it runs throughout the body right to your toes.

How do we know what direction?

It goes away from your heart, down your body.

Any final words for this person?

To laugh.  You are the only creature in your physical world that laughs.  You should think about why that is.  I think this has been quite an interesting experience for me.

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