Cynthia writes:

I am at my wits end and I know of no where else to turn.  Dearest Guide, what is my next step in healing my hand? What can I do to end this pain and return to a normal life?

The guide’s response:

Interesting wording, dearest.  It is the nerve endings that have been damaged and they are pulsating. And in truth, often when the healing takes place you do have to feel this terrific pain, my dearest.  Do not deny it, but feel it.  Concentrate on it, put your whole intention and intent into that pain.  Identify it, see it.  It actually is a reflection of a deep pain that occurred for you some time back.  You are trying to do things that do not fit within your world.  Of course, things have many more facets than what you might think.

It is not about manipulations and it is not about drugs.  It is about accepting, identifying, feeling, seeing it and staying with it.  If you concentrate to the very center of this pain you will notice that it alleviates.  And though for a very small time at first, you can do this.  It is called listening to your body and hearing its communication.  It only has the ability to create pain to gain your attention.  You will never hear your foot say I am so happy today.  But what it will say is: You need to pay attention here.  Don’t deny it, dear.  Don’t cut it off, welcome it.  Don’t seek the answer elsewhere–as it is within you.  This may sound harsh. I do not mean it so.  Oh, you are such a lovely being.  You have offered that hand in help for so many.  Pay attention to it.  Go into its communication.  Love it, dearest.  Love it.