I have a question about illness, about the best way to alleviate pain, to recognize it so that it doesn’t turn into an illness?

Pay attention to it! Your body uses pain to say, “Yoo-hoo, I’m over here. You’re not paying attention to me!” And it will get worse and worse until you do finally, hopefully, pay attention to it.

And you’ll find if you take your concentration, your focus and put it right into the center of the pain, as if your full attention or focus in the middle of wherever the pain exists, that it will actually stop.  But you’ll have to stay there for quite a while or start asking yourself why.  Why are you calling to me? What am I not hearing? Am I pushing you too far, too fast? Am I not feeding you well enough? Am I not giving you the love you desire?

You are the Captain of the ship; you are the engine, the energy, the light that fills this body. And if this body is working so hard for you that it hurts–listen. Listen and act upon its words. It may mean you simply need to just sit, be still, cry, laugh. All the tools of the physical world are so magnificent, blessed one.

Don’t forget what a wonderful opportunity you have. You’ve given yourself this gift, to learn, to grow. You may think that, “Oh, this is not for me, that I couldn’t be, that there isn’t a special light of a being close to me loving me.  There is. There is.