Life’s purpose and developing healing abilities

Stacy Davis writes, “I have been lost and in a desert period for sometime.  However, I recently emerged from it and it is exciting to feel alive.  My question is what is my life’s purpose? I know that i am a true diehard humanitarian, but it is hard for me to chose an employment path. I just want to do the best at what i feel very passionate about.  However, I have too many interests and this makes it hard to narrow down. Please help!”  

You love people my child.  You are fascinated by their thoughts and their actions and their reactions.  You are fascinated by the largeness of their beings and the smallness of their beings.  Whatever you choose, you will have to be amongst many.  You will have to be giving to them in order to feel good about yourself.
You are a natural healer.  In other words, from time you were very small you would find things to heal and to fix.   And so it should be.

You will move in and out of different ways of healing.  For some ways you will find yourself totally drained by too much of it.   You are much better to deal with one-on-one than large numbers.  Although often you think it is easier with large numbers because you can get lost in it.  But that is not good for you any more.  Large groups–the politics, the in-fighting, the talking behind one another’s backs–that is totally wrong for you.  You like to be one-on-one.  I cannot tell you what you should be because you need to tell you what you shall be.  That is part of your growth.

That is your growth.  That is your truth.  Life purpose, my dear, you have many.  You know this.  You are wise.  Think about that energies that you hold, the ones that are hot and that move through you.   Allow it to be.  It will teach you.

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