P1030227Levi writes:

I often feel quite shaky in my stomach area, and my voice shakes. This happens especially around certain people. Do you have any advice on what is taking place and how I can work to heal it? Thank you very much.

The guide’s response:

You’re a very intuitive being, Levi. And you don’t really heal from being intuitive; you simply learn how to tune it and address it so that it doesn’t throw you off guard or off centre.

When you’re with certain people you feel their tension and of course if it’s felt in the very pit of your being, the tightness will go all the way up your esophagus and into your throat. It’s not surprising at all.  In fact a shaky throat is often very much a feeling that you are standing near someone who needs to say something but is afraid to. Nothing to worry about, nothing to heal, just something to understand about yourself: that you are getting more and more in tune with other beings.

You could, perhaps, in the future if you are with some of these people protect yourself before hand, by simply visualizing a great shield of white light around yourself. And that way when they come close to you… but you still might feel their feelings. But it cannot harm you. This is not going to hurt you in any way. It is actually a very positive thing—the beginning of your spirituality in a much more tactile way.