Pippi writes:

I would greatly appreciate guidance about how to regain health and vitality in my body and those of my family members. We all suffered from an intestinal infection which lasted for over a year. The effects of this illness continue to linger, affecting my hormonal balance and ability to digest. I am take care to avoid allergens like gluten, dairy and red meat, eat only warmed foods and have regular acupuncture. I wonder if I am continuing to heal or if this is as good as it will ever get. My husband is similarly affected, we both struggle to gain weight. Our children seem ok but I worry…I take my spiritual world very seriously and try listen constantly to my own intuition about what my body needs within each moment. I would love to know if I am on the right track – and if my family is ok too. Thank you so much.

The guide’s response:

Dear one, your children are doing better because they have cells that renew themselves faster than you do at this point of the physical domain.  Your mucous membranes, the lining of all of your intestines, well, your entire digestive track, is very inflamed and it creates heavy mucous right now. That is part of the healing process so it does not absorb a lot of the nutrients from the small intestine, right down to the large intestine.  You need to treat your body as well as you would a newborn infant, the finest of food, in the most tepid of temperature, broths, freshly made soups and stews.  Foods that are digested higher up in the digestive track are good.   Things that are changed dramatically from their natural state are very hard to digest for the system, but also very raw things are hard to digest.  I don’t want to upset you but basically what you need is mush, lots of gentle food.

There is a wonderful thing that helps to create the B vitamin which is mostly taken into the system through the large intestine (which is why you are so anxious, exhausted and tired)… is laughter.  If you and your mate can find a way to laugh for a few moments every day and increasing it, you will find that you will start to heal that part of your body.  Laughter actually is a vibrational state that moves firstly the large intestine and then moves up through the being and it is very harmonious and good.

You must really not have any sugars right now.  If you must have something sweet it must be natural as this amazing honey that is very, very good for the physical body.  And believe that you will be better, for you will my dear.  Don’t become neurotic and afraid to eat anything that is in your world.  You will embrace it all in time.  Just love and gentle food and laughter right now and do keep warm; that is important.  The temperature state, what has happened right now is the infection is gone but your body was in such a state of shock from it, it will take a while to convince that it is alright and the immune system needs to put down its guard now and relax a bit.  You need to relax your insides and trust that all will be well.