D asks, “Why do I cry when I’m alone lately. I thought I connected the crying to feeling for my Dad’s tragic past. I’m not sure what to make from it.  A crying spell has happened before and I changed my choices and it stopped happening.  I’m not sure what to change this time or if I really am just crying for my Dad. I’ve made steps to work through that with him and I’m still crying. I want to follow my inner truth and I feel there is a message here for me.  Do you have any insight?

Crying is a wonderful tool in the physical world.  The composition of tears changes as the emotional state changes.  You will always have tears, blessed one, for you are an emotional being.  Yet you show it very seldom to others.  You also find comfort in the crying and in the pain, for you feel it brings him closer to you in a time of knowing.  But as you grow and evolve and your vibration changes, you are understanding that you do not need to feel the pain to be present in the love of that father.  But that love and that bond is with you now and will always be.  Know that it still grows and magnifies in your growth, and his, may I say.  Don’t fear it.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  You try to do things so perfectly.  Allow the balance of life to be present in your life–the give and take, the ebb and flow.  You become too rigid sometimes, expectations too high.  Love yourself, my child.  Love your father.  But also see the humanity of the growing in that.

You are a blessed being.  Allow the tears to flow whenever.  But know that laughter should flow as well.  It isn’t that you must grow weary of your state of pain, but you will grow stronger and wiser and more loving of yourself and all of your choices.