Lynn writes:

I have been having a lot of pain in my upper back for the last few months. My left shoulder blade feels like it is sticking out and quite painful and goes into muscle spasm often. Down the middle of my spine is also causing me pain. My right shoulder, probably my rotator cuff is also quite painful with limited mobility. I have just had an ultrasound to determine what is going on with my shoulder and will probably need to have a cortisone shot to alleviate the swelling and hopefully get on the road to recovery. Will this help my shoulder and is the left shoulder blade pain and spine pain all related to each other? If not, what else can I do to start healing? Thank you for your precious time.

The guide’s response:

To heal your body, firstly you must hear it.  When you are listening you are hearing the pain but you are not understanding what the pain is about. There is an imbalance in… the best way to put it is an imbalance in  your perception of who you be in your path.  You know there is an imbalance in what you put out and what you receive.  You know there is an imbalance even to right and left in your body, one side stronger than the other. So that tells you that your brain is out of balance too; one side taking more of a role in the path than the other side.

You can take cortisone.  It will be like putting oil into a very tight joint that needs time to relax.  It will instantly create movement, but it will not heal it.  It will push forward through the pain, the muscle, the body’s voice to you.

You need to balance one side to the other, do movements for both sides of the body, stretching, relaxing. You need touch, you need the energy of another being to touch your body in a balanced way for both sides.  There are many ways of creating this energy.

You do not ask for yourself, and if you do ask, you feel guilty in asking.  You never want to bother anyone. But you don’t bother anyone, dearest one; they see you as strong, capable, as not needing.  If you do ask for help, assistance, even from those you have never done so before, you will begin to create the balance you need.  It can be as simples as just asking: Could you just put your hands on my shoulders.  It helps begin balancing your whole life.

I’m hearing you say that the imbalances in our body come from imbalances in our life.


Is this always the case?

No, but very often.  The body tries to remind you of who you be and what you give.