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I’m Just Trying To Keep Up

I have never considered myself a writer. But with these photo and text posts and updates, what I’m trying to do is to show you what it’s like to have a Guide communicating with you constantly. I do choose to open and then it flows.

There have been times of guided communication where I couldn’t write it down due to being overwhelmed with emotion from some of the things I’m told.

There is nothing routine in when or where I’ll be guided. Sometimes sitting in a restaurant, I’m being told that someone across the room is having difficulty. Usually it’s their Guide trying to talk to me. I’ll feel my heart start to race then I’ll be drawn to whomever. I can’t always react as you might understand. Though there have been times that I had to. It seems situations sometimes open up where I find myself right in front of the person whose message I’ve received.

I’d like to think I’m in control, but sometimes…?

If I ask a Guide to give me an understanding of something or if someone has asked a question, I sometimes have to write so fast to get it all down – my heart pounding the whole time, it’s a workout. That is why when I’m direct channeling it must be taped. I have amazing help with that.

No, I’m not suffering, I have created a very nice ritual. I usually have a cup of tea with my beloved Mrs. Pot. I light a candle, asking for healing words, (different than when I channel), I stay present, and try to keep up.

Let me take this moment to say thank you to all my blessed friends and loved ones who have sent me notes. I love hearing from you all. I know you know we are one.


Photo of Jane Kennard by Kirsten Pierce

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