Mary asks about her situation. Her husband has recently been diagnosed with a pretty serious illness. She says, “Can you give me any insight as to what is going to happen to us? We’ve been through so much in our lives already.”

Dear, dear Mary, teach by being, by trusting—trusting that all will be even better. You cannot do this when it is fear that you hold for your husband instead of trust that he can do this, that he will be well and strong. And so you draw to yourself the negativity. No you didn’t create it; but you are teaching it. You must through your actions and your belief—believe. And trust that everything has a reason. You’ve known this before. You have looked upon many of the things that have happened in your life, though difficult, as opportunities to learn. And you have learned. And you are more radiant now than you ever have been. This opportunity is for the two of you to come close together, to speak from your heart one to the other, to hold and to cherish. How you have grown! How amazingly strong you are! This doesn’t have to hold you back at all. Be that that you are my child. Be that that you are.