How to heal an injured knee


Y – Dear Guides, I have a question about my left knee. I fell skiing last December and tore my ACL. I’ve been working really hard to rehab my knee. I’ve come a long way but my recovery has been slow. My doctor says my leg is stable enough to go back into skiing but it still feels weak so I am not sure if I am ready. I was wondering if you have any suggestions about what would heal my knee completely? Should I have the surgery? Am I ready to ski again? And why did this happen? Many thanks!

Who ever thought that was a good thing to do?    I could never understand anyone finding pleasure climbing a mountain and sliding down it (gentle laughter).  But of course there are beautiful places up there I am sure, forgive me.

I believe this person really loves to ski as she wants to go back to skiing.

Well, it happened, my dear, because you were skiing down a mountain.   That is not the natural thing to do, but it is alright.  It happened to slow you down.  It slowed you down because you needed to take some time to re-assess a few things in your life.  Your body is an amazing tool. It will come up with all sorts of ways of fulfilling your desires even though you might think this was the last thing I wanted.

It actually is something you need to do.  You need to pay attention to this body too and listen to it.  How to heal this knee?  Well, surgery won’t heal it at this point. It is not that badly torn.  It has been interrupted in its natural process.  Circulation is really important.  But trust is the most important thing.  Can you trust in it again?  You are very fearful of that feeling of weakness and it crumbling underneath you.  You don’t want to experience that again.

So, wiggle it, jiggle it, and massage it.  Make sure you get the energy to it.  That happens by creating lots of motion without over doing it.  It is not hard motion you need to do, it is light motion.

You need to just walk, walk lightly, and dance.   But nothing like, I don’t want you to do wild kick ups or anything like that.  But just keep it in your awareness and when you stand on it, send that awareness that is in the centre of your understanding, the centre of your being that you see as who you are, to the centre of that knee, and warm it and talk to it.  If you feel a bit of pain, stay in that pain until it resolves itself.

If you don’t feel comfortable climbing a mountain and sliding down, then don’t do it.  You have to listen to that now.  You learned a great deal through this.  You maybe didn’t want to learn it, but you did my dear, and it is good.

I was interested in what you said that the accident was something that she needed to slow down.  Is that the case most of the time when we have an accident?

It is very often, but not always, of course. Many times the being is even saying I need a break.  But what is it, but to answer your desire.

So, we have to be careful what we wish for.

It is not wishing, my dear.  It is a direction.

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