Help with the grieving process and new directions

Grieving Mother writes, “Thank you very much for responding to my question. I’m unsure of what direction to take in many aspects of my life, can my spirit guides provide me with some answers concerning my financial security, career, moving, caring for my elderly parents.”

Dear one, in your time of sadness, you need to feel the sadness.  You need to embrace it and walk with it and not be afraid of it.  This heightens your vibration, my dearest one.  It will not make it disappear; it will make it livable. And you are an evolved amazing being, so you are already that.  You put these things before you on your path, these things you must challenge yourself with, dissolve them. See your amazing ability to help others.  You have always been a good listener.  You have the ability to see and hear others; it is not carried or possessed by all beings.

Financially, you have often not spoken of your needs or asked for that that you need.  Do so now.  Not out of fear or anger or sadness, but out of love of self.  It shall be.  In many ways all that you touch could be created into career, talented hands, loving healing hands.  I know you look at them now and think it not.  That is only because you are in grief.  Allow that to pass, to be.  Perhaps some artistic avenue at this time will help with this purpose.

Blessed one, as to the parents, I know you feel you have this debt and responsibility.  But in truth, each being’s responsibility is for their own path.  Should you choose to take and care and be there for them, it should be very clear within your being why and how it causes you to be and to feel.  And if it is healing for you, of course it would be so worth it.  One of these beings does so, in needing and speaking, to help you to not think.  Of course, this in some ways is misguided and it is true that when you do actions for this being you lose this harsh edge that is carried within you.  But when that harsh edge comes, be still with it.

See the shining light of love that is very much with that that you grieve and melt into it.  Unite with that bond that is still very much present on your path.  Be not afraid to think of that one.  Be not afraid to feel that pain and allow it to dissolve as you think of this one.  Release your hands that are tightly gripped fearing loss of that memory.  That love or bond will always be, my child. I know you have asked that question because you just want all to be happy and to be peaceful.  And by my saying so, will not do it unfortunately, my dear.  But your process will.  There will again be laughter and there will be, for there is now, love.

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