Sandi asks about her husband, who is trying very hard to quit smoking. She asks, “Can you help us identify what is blocking or preventing him from freeing himself from this habit?”


Nicotine. It is an amazing drug. He likes to do this action (smoking). It fills a void that he now experiences, of not knowing what to be in that time and space. I wonder very much if he would even pay much attention to this, but it would be helpful for him to eat an apple, an orange; to eat something that is fresh and opens his taste buds and actually helps his digestion. For all parts of him are truly craving at this time. He can fill it with a pleasant, fresh thing. I know that this is a very difficult task, but it is not impossible, and it can be done.

This ancient one comes from a time when there were many traditions and rituals and so for him, it began as that. A ritual, a place in which he could think, a clarity. I would not say that meditation is most important, for it was almost this to him. So, he could take up this, but he first needs to feel that he has something to hold with his hand and to have an experience in his physical body. Eating fruit often helps this. But then to take a moment of meditation to think clearly, to instruct his being to be calm, clear. This is wonderfully healthy for him.