Help for one who is tired all the time

images-2Timia Timia writes:

Can you tell me what is going on with my body? I sleep but when I wake, I still feel very sleepy even though I have slept for hours. After waking, it takes me a long time to become fully alert and this seems to be taking longer and longer now. Why do I keep a stuffed up nose and what caused the illness where my skin became clammy and I could not get enough oxygen a couple of years back? Thank you.

It is true my dear one that you are very much aware of your body and its functions now. Not so before when the difficulty to breathe and the clamminess and the anxiety overwhelmed you. You identify it when you are anxious now and you take steps to relieve it. The overwhelming tiredness is partially because you are allowing yourself to sleep too much. You need to go and walk and breathe deep and get lots of oxygen. Fix for yourself a certain time that you will sleep and a time to awaken; never being more than eight hours is good for the body.

I know you’ve had concerns about your thyroid but in truth it is just simply a habit at this point. Everything else is functioning fine. You need to eat live food, that’s green growing things, fresh, sprouts, and dark leafy greens. Not too many processed oils. Sometimes when you’ve had things that have been deep fried or processed, there is a rancid state to the oils and this causes some discord in your body. Find joy, my dear, and your body will follow.

As to being stuffed up, there is some heaviness in the air of your place of living. Again, the fresh air when possible, will help. Do not keep yourself closed off. Breathe deep. You could also put a little eucalyptus or some lovely lemon or lime scents about you. These will help with your breathing, your sinuses.

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